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Having an injury is very unpleasant, especially because injuries often recur. This can make an injury feel very permanent, causing not only physical issues but also psychological ones.

The literal limitation of freedom of movement often gives people a suffocating feeling. In many cases, people think they can quickly solve this problem by buying a brace and hoping that it will get better. This not only leads to disappointment but also worsens the problem.

There is no 'quick fix'; recovery is something you need to work towards. With Bynatic, we provide people with concrete tools to work towards a good and lasting recovery, giving them back their freedom of movement.

Our core values

Having a reliable brand is essential in our eyes for a smooth recovery. It's important to know that the information you have access to is also reliable. That's why we work closely with registered physiotherapists and specialists to provide you with appropriate advice. We also ensure that our products are thoroughly tested and comply with medical device regulations.

We utilize the experience and knowledge of our partners and feedback from our customers to ensure that our products are innovative. Whether it's designing a completely new product or finding new ways to support you at home, we will always strive to keep innovating.

The customer is at the center of our focus. Our task is to offer the customer a quality product, providing constant support throughout the recovery process. This support includes both tangible elements (in the form of a good product) and intangible elements (in the form of exercises, instructional videos, blogs, and more).